extensive check
with record on demand



Optical Check:

  • Stereo-Dynascope TS-3 (Vision Engineering)
  • Stereomicroscope Mantis (Vision Engineering)
  • Stereomicroscope SMZ-2T (Nikon)
  • Measuring microscope (Leitz)


Electrical Check:

  • In-Circuit-Tester 2005i (KTS)
  • In-Circuit-Tester 2005 (KTS)
  • Internal manufacturing of needle adapters for ICT
  • Internal manufacturing of special wired adapters for functional tests
  • Miscellaneous Oscilloscopes up to 10M points (Tektronix)
  • inclusive Current clamp systems TCP0030 and TCP312
  • Electronic Loads (Chroma)
  • Spectrum analyser up to 3GHz (Rhode & Schwarz)
  • Data logger (Agilent)
  • Function generator up to 80MHz (Agilent)
  • RLC-Precision measurement bridge (Philips)
  • Logic analyser 34 channels (Intronix)
  • Miscellaneous programmable power supplies (Gossen Metrawatt)